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January 24, 2024


Teen facing charges for allegedly taping fish to ATMs in Provo

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Bet they can't make the charges stick. Good thing he was not using fish sticks.

Talk about your double standards. If it had been a banana, he'd be hailed as an artistic wonder.

You've gotta love that Mormon humor.

What'd he use for bait, $1 or $5? Hope he doesn't plan to pay the fine in fish at the court herring.

He did it just for the halibut.

Now playing: Vince Gill.

Why all the carping, Utah? Can't take a joke? Glad to see he used duct tape. It's the only tape you need when you need to stick something to an ATM, like fish.

Now, where's my dynamite?

There is something piscine about this story...

In his defense, all the car bumpers in the area were covered with Jesus-fish.

Perhaps it was just a new way of feeding the hungry? I mean that famous guy who divided the fishes and loaves, well this was just a way to distribute the food. "If you can't be at the gathering we will just tape your fish to the ATM and you can pick it up when it is convenient for you. And, by the way, if you just happen be making a withdrawal from the ATM maybe you could just drop a little something in the plate on Sunday. You know, bait is not cheap, and we can't continue to distribute fish if we can't catch them."

The next Remainders album should be titled, "Premeditated Fish Crimes."

Well, 3M probably makes a specialty tape for that, so... why not ?

If it were a banana rather than a fish, would it be considered a priceless piece of art?

"Some of the fish in these videos have cigarettes in their mouths"

now that's just wrong

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