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November 13, 2015

Ex Miami restaurant owner Josh Woodward pleads no contest, expected to be sentenced to 9 years for attempted murder

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Former Miami restaurant owner and bon vivant Joshua Woodward pled no contest today to attempted murder for trying to induce a miscarriage of his former mistress's fetus six years ago, according to the Los Angeles DA's office. 

Woodward, 43, is scheduled to return to court on Jan. 29 when he is expected to be sentenced to nine years in state prison.

Deputy District Attorneys Habib A. Balian of the Major Crimes Division and Marguerite Rizzo, Deputy-in-Charge of the Forensic Science Section, prosecuted the case. 

According to the DA, Woodward, a Florida resident who once co-owned former Table 8 restaurants in Los Angeles and South Beach and is married to former Ocean Drive editor Suzy Buckley, tried to induce the miscarriage on Oct. 18, 2009, by using misoprostol, a drug used in the medical community to induce labor and terminate early stage pregnancies.

Evidence presented at a preliminary hearing showed that Woodward attempted to induce the miscarriage on three other occasions.  

Some say Woodward got off easy as he was expected to face a life sentence.  

According to a trial insider, Woodward got a sweet deal. "Interesting turn of events in the Woodward case. I think his attorneys got him a sweet deal. That Janet Levine, his lead defense, she was very sharp. One of the best defense litigators I've ever seen in cross examination. Although his defense team would have dragged the victim through the mud and back again, I believe the prosecution would have gotten a solid conviction on at least two, if not all four charges. That would have put him away for close to life.  I'm betting this deal was all worked out in judge's chambers off the record. I don't believe that in LA County, the defense and prosecution would work out a deal like this and then spring it on the court, unannounced."