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September 09, 2013

I Wish, I Want: One Direction's Harry Styles possibly, maybe, maybe not buying a $19.5 mil Key Biscayne crib

While rumors abound via celebrity real estate blog Real Estalker that One Direction's 19-year-old Harry Styles is eyeing a massive Key Biscayne crib that would set him back at least a million bucks for every year of his 19-years on earth at a whopping listing price of $19.5 million, our real estate intelligence says no way. "His net worth is only $10 million at this point," says our spy, who also added that "Key Biscayne is too old, too foreign, and too stuffy for a British teenager." Well alrightey then, though we'd think most of America is too "foreign" for a Brit and much of Miami often too alien even for its own denizens. Styles is no ordinary teenager, of course, but for shame. He's only worth $10 million, which is still enough to buy a pricey house from high end Miami realtors The Jills. Incidentally, a rep for The Jills is on mute as usual, not yet returning our request for comment, but to borrow a quote from Jill Eber from our last real estate rumor about The Beckhams buying the Versace manse, "My comment would be we can't comment. Any buyer we work with is confidential.” In the meantime, click here for the listing at 755 S. Mashta Drive.

Update (9.16.13): Key Biscayne residents--primarily tweenage girls--are aflutter with excitement by alleged confirmations by alleged real estate professionals and big mouthed locals who say that yes, yes indeed, Harry Styles is going to be their neighbor. We once again tried contacting The Jills, but they must be busy with The Beckhams, their other alleged, potential clients who may, as of tomorrow, be the owners of the auctioned off Versace Mansion. We did manage to get a reply from a Sony Music/Columbia Records rep, Mike Navarra, who told us ever so predicably and cryptically, "There's no comment on this." Maybe those who have claimed to have already met Styles' house staff for tea and crumpets can give us more concrete answers.