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June 14, 2013

Sweet Yeezus! Kanye West's Daft Punk-produced single 'On Sight' name checks LIV's David Grutman


You'd think the leakage of Kanye West's Yeezus today was the second coming of, well, never mind. But for LIV's David Grutman, it kind of is. You see, West's single "On Sight," produced by Daft Punk, name checks the Grand Poohbah of clubland at the 1:40 mark, saying something to the effect of "Took her to the bleau, she tried to sip the fountain, that's when David Grutman kicked her out. But I got her back in and put my di*k in her mouth." With such deeply profound lyrics, he's not the Montell Michael Jordan of music, he's the Shakespeare of music. Lord, what fools these mortals be!

We asked Grutman his thoughts on joining the ranks of Kathie Lee Gifford, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Aniston, John Travolta and Jake Gyllenhaal, all whose names Yeezus has previously dropped in his songs, to which he replied, "It's pretty fu**ing sick. It doesn't hurt that it's the first single off the much anticipated album and that those Daft Punk guys produced the song. Pretty special." Not nearly as special as the not so mystery woman to whom West refers. When we asked Grutman if West was referring to his baby mama, who, along with her sisterly klique and their assorted appendages, has spent many a night at LIV, he said, "I have no idea." Oh, he does. He's just preoccupied. After all, Yeezus just took his name in vain.