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June 04, 2013

Justin Bieber's under aged Miami nightlife tour continues as he closes down Mansion with female entourage

As apathetic and bored Justin Bieber may have seemed at last night's Miami Heat game (perhaps he was just suffocating from his leather), the 19-year-old pop prince perked up around 3:45 in the morning when he arrived at Mansion with an entourage of girls. Sporting a white tank top and gold chains, The Biebs sat at a table facing the stage where he did nothing but text on his phone the entire time. Perhaps he was texting his stylist to find out when the hat he wore earlier that night would be available in his size? Anyway, he did stop with his phone for a few minutes to watch Flo Rida perform. As for his female entourage, they were blondes and brunettes and in their 20s. More joined as the night went on. But Biebs, who neither touched an alcoholic beverage nor took off his sunglasses all night, sporadically chatted with his fawners in between his feverish texting. The sunglasses did come in handy when the lights came on around 5 a.m. when he left with a big group in a caravan of three SUVs just in time to get home and watch cartoons. As for this pattern of clubs letting a teenager inside, bottom line is, they just don't care. Says one industry insider, "No one's going after a club for one Justin Bieber. They have bigger fish to fry, like B-Girls and prostitutes."