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January 04, 2013

Adios The Real Housewives of Miami, hola Elsa Patton spinoff?

Last night, The Real Housewives of Miami came to a squealing, screechy end with the second part of the series' heavily edited reunion show, which was filmed on November 30 in Manhattan. And while the show never earned stellar ratings, it hovered steadyish at around 1.2 million viewers a week, which isn't great (Atlanta has more than double the viewers), but it's better than the abysmal early season numbers of less than a million. Whether it's enough to earn a third season or not is yet to be seen and if there is, at least one cast member is reportedly taking the high road the hell out of there. Feel free to enter your guesses in the comments seciton.  In the meantime, there are murmurs emanating from the Bravoverse that there is some consideration of a spinoff starring the show's hot topic, a trending topic last night in the Twitterverse: Elsa Patton, now better known, like a rich tomato sauce, as Mama Elsa. Patton is part of an elite crew of cast members turned Twitter trends, including Lea Black, whose name trended during part one. "The cat fighting between the women grew tiresome," says a TV insider. "The quest for them to seem relevant and the producers' feigned drama [ie. a married couple pretending not to be married for the sake of a storyline, as reported by Reality Tea] was eclipsed by the sheer presence and unintentional comedic timing of Mama Elsa. That alone is worthy of a spinoff."  We asked Bravo publicist Ryan McCormick, who bluntly said "Not true," but find us a publicist who tells the truth 100% of the time and we'll find you a Real Housewife untouched by cosmetic enhancements. So, for fun, we went to the Mama of all sources, who told us, “At this time in my life having a show would be a very exciting thing to do.” And not just for her, either.