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October 19, 2012

Judge denies accused fetal murderer Joshua Woodward bail discount, deems him flight risk

Although accused fetal murderer and former Miami restaurateur Joshua Woodward was unable to get a discount on his bail because the judge deemed him a flight risk, he did post bond (typically 10%) on the $4 million needed to get him out--for now. Prosecutors claim he pulled a Casey Anthony, searching the internet for sinister ways to end his girlfriend's pregnancy. His attorneys cry BS. Woodward, often seen lounging at Miami Beach's members only Soho Beach House, was most recently seen in a blue prison jumpsuit before the bond was posted. No word on his whereabouts or those of Ocean Drive editor and newlywed Suzy Buckley, who, despite ending her relationship with Woodward after his first arrest back in 2009, ended up marrying him legally in Miami in August 2012.

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