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July 16, 2012

Kim Kardashian to shill Midori Friday night at the Delano; witness the shilling yourself via Twitter contest


Proving she really does work for a living, Kim Kardashian is hosting the Midori Beachside Bash Friday night at the Delano benefiting Dress for Success and featuring a "surprise performance" by someone who may or may not be her current distraction, Kanye West. She will also reveal her "easy summer styling tips" that will make no mention whatsoever of airbrushing, stylists and makeup of a certain tonnage. To get into the party, just change your name to Kardashian because with the rate they are spawning, no one will notice. Or, follow @DrinkMidori on Twitter, tweet them using the hashtag #MidoriEasy and tell us why you have nothing better to do want to win. Remember, that's #MidoriEasy, shorthand for #MidoriEasyMoney, we're sure.