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April 02, 2012

Style Network casting what sounds like the Boca Raton version of Big Rich Texas

Bonnie-and-whitney-interviewBesides Police Women of Broward County, not too many reality TV shows have crossed the Miami-Dade county line. Other lines crossed are an entirely different story, however. That's about to change as Style Network is allegedly on the hunt for "dynamic" and "outspoken" Boca Raton-based mother daughter teams that sound very much like Big Rich Texas's Bon Blossman and Whitney Whatley---the most appall--er, amusing mother- daughter duo on TV since Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.

Big Rich Texas, for those who don't imbibe, is about a group of allegedly privileged women living the Dallas/Fort Worth country club lifestyle that's very similar to that which is found in Boca. Blossman and her daughter not only make it must see TV and should have their own show (probably already in the works), but they make most of the alleged Housewives seem to be what they really are: humdrum, wilty and witless. While reality television is far from rocket science, Blossman is as close to a rocket scientist as these shows get and a reality show's dream come true: a university professor of biology, biochemistry, parasitology, gene expression and physiology, as well as a published author of fiction, the CEO of a murder mystery party company and, of course, a recording artist. Her outrageous daughter is studying to be a doctor. You can't make this stuff up. Or can you? Like a good trainwreck, it's hard not to watch.

As for this mystery Boca show, the casting person couldn't reveal much and apparently the Style Network affiliation was supposed to be a secret, oops. We did ask them why Boca and not Miami and were told "Boca has the affluent people and the characters we are looking for which is why we picked it." The only real requirement here is that daughters be in their late teens or twenties; there's no age limit on the mothers. Those brave souls willing and able should email info@VintageSouthProductions.com.