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March 19, 2012

Meet Karent Sierra: dentist, actress, model & yet another "Real" Housewife of Miami

425943_180952138673853_150366598399074_199351_1019841011_nJust when we thought we've unearthed them all, we uncover yet another new cast member of the retooled Real Housewives of Miami. This one, Karent Sierra, likes to multi-task. She's an actress, a spokesperson, a model and . . . a dentist. What she's not is a wife, so she'll fit right in with all the other unmarried women in the misnomer of a franchise. We met her Saturday night with her BFF and bon vivant, party animal Beau Beasley, who will also make his Bravo debut in season 2. We asked her what in her right (?) mind would have her subject herself to such a thing and she told us bluntly that she wanted to promote world peace prove to viewers that not all the women on these shows are classless fame addicts with low IQs and Botox for brains. We can count on one finger hand a few who are smarter than they appear, but smarts don't always equal sanity.  Sierra, a Colgate spokesperson with obviously very white teeth, says she has a passion for being out there in the public eye, and wants to do right by Miami. She also tells us that yes, there's fabricated tension between her and all the other ladies who, uh, drill her on camera for, among other things, being a dentist and having a publicist.  Sierra says she refuses to stoop to the level of some of the other gals--no table throwing, no screaming, no cursing. So what then? "I'll just kill 'em with kindness," she says, sharpening her teeth. That, or laughing gas. Stay tuned.