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February 08, 2012

Model Joanna Krupa to join second season of Real Housewives of Miami

220px-Joanna_Krupa_Benchwarmer_2008Proving yet again that Nostradamus may not have been so far off about 2012, Bravo is allegedly, actually, unbelievably going forward with a second season of The Real Housewives of Miami, but, like many of its castmembers, it's going to be a retweaked version of the hideous, poorly rated original. Hollywood Reporter has confirmed this, while Bravo remains noncomittal confirmed it a day later, but we also have it on excellent authority that two of the new "wives" are model and ex Dancing With the Stars contestant Joanna Krupa, who, we think is still engaged to Mynt nightclub owner Romain Zago (who ironically refused to allow Jersey Shore to film in his club), and Lisa Hochstein, the wife of plastic surgeon Lenny of the short-lived Bravo version of Nip/Tuck called Miami Slice. Beverly Hills it ain't, and although Miami has proven to be ratings posion for the reality show network, we hear that the real reason that a second season was even considered wasn't the new, willing and eager castmembers who were harder to find than Bin Laden, but the curiosity that is Elsa Patton, for whom Andy Cohen has a fancy or something. Lisa Marie-009391_2Still, others say it's not definite and it's just a test. "They're filming with these new women to see if it makes it more watchable, which compared to the first season, shouldn't be that hard," says one TV insider. We'd go to Bravo for confirmation, but they keep giving us the standard canned "No decision has been made on The Real Housewives of Miami." Their unwillingness to admit to this isn't surprising. Filming is set to start soon so keep an eye out for the cameras capturing all that feigned camaraderie and, they can only hope, more drama than the first season's slow, painful IV drip of, well, absolutely nothing.

Update: Bravo finally confirmed the second season, saying "The Real Housewives of Miami follows a group of the most beautiful, connected and influential women in town who work hard and play harder. This
season will give viewers an inside look at these aspirational women as
they juggle family, work and the fabulous social scene in a city where the food is spicy, and the drama is even spicier." Pass the Tums. We can't stomach the excitement.