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July 15, 2011

Rock of Ages recon: topless Tom Cruise, dallying Diego & Debbie Gibson!


Mexican soap star/singer/Rock of Ages star Diego Boneta's having a fine time in between his shoots in the grueling South Florida heat, from flirting with female fans on the beach to partying last night at SET with "a few models from fashion week." Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes aren't having such a bad time either, from salsa dancing at Larios on Ocean Drive to frolicking on the beach. Our set snitch tells us that while those filming next to Cruise mustn't wear high heels, he's pretty cool---especially when he's topless, as is Russell Brand--topless and in tighty whities--who we're told, "provides comic relief on the set." Not so cool--literally--is Catherine Zeta-Jones, a bit of a diva, with people "fanning"--and fawning all over her, though she did laugh through a scene that then had to be re-shot, so she's not so uptight. As for Alec Baldwin, well, don't look too hard for him as he's no fan of Miami's and thus has become an unofficial Tweeter for the Greater Fort Lauderdale Visitor and Convention Bureau, professing his love for the 954. Plus, he's back in NY now anyway. Keep your Cruises, Baldwins and Zeta-Joneses, because the original 80s pop tart Debbie--er, Deborah Gibson is also in the flick. But for many the real star is the set itself, which has transformed a bleak stretch of downtown Miami into an 80s era Sunset Strip. Welcome to the jungle, Hollywood, stay cool.