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June 23, 2011

Ingrid Casares & Chris Paciello Back in Biz with The Light Group at the Delano?


If you believe the rumors, South Beach is about to go retro, back to the days when people actually danced at clubs, when real celebrities came to party because they wanted to and not for a carefully orchestrated, trite tabloid photo op, and when the words South Beach and hip together in the same sentence was anything but oxymoronic. That's right, we have excellent sources telling us that the Captain and Tennille of 90s Miami nightlife, Chris Paciello and Ingrid Casares, are teaming up again, this time as partners in the food and beverage operations at the Delano left recently vacant by Jeffrey Chodorow, who was bought out by the hotel's owners, Morgans Hotel Group, for $20 million

Paciello, a convicted felon who paid his dues (though some would disagree) in prison for six years on a ten year sentence after pleading guilty for his involvement in a robbery/murder on Staten Island, was most recently living a quiet(ish) life running some pizzerias in Los Angeles. Casares has been out of the nightlife game for a while herself, focusing on raising her young son and working in her family's window manufacturing business. The two together at the Delano could be a game changer, especially considering the already successful Florida Room. Throw in an arrangement with Las Vegas nightlife and restaurant heavies The Light Group, whom we hear is also behind this (and was incidentally founded by Andrew Sasson, a former doorman at old school and also lamented South Beach hotspot Velvet), and you've got at the very least a good night out and one that celebrities and their publicists, tabloid reporters, party crashers cum bloggers, paparazzi, and plain ol' party people looking for a good time will no doubt want in on.

The legions of Liquid alumni still kicking around and yearning for nocturnal nostalgia will relish in this news as well, but will remain cautiously optimistic that the reunion won't be the clubland version of the Footloose remake. Whatever it will be, if it will be, will perhaps serve as the shot of adrelanine to reawaken what some would say has become a pretty insipid, sell out of a scene. Stay tuned for more details.