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March 28, 2011

Guess? who? Not Lady Gaga, say fans

It was the Tweet heard round the Twitterverse--"OMG (thanks, Oxford), Lady Gaga is on Lincoln Road!!!!!!!!!!!!" And before you had a chance to laugh, it was followed up by another Tweet saying she was not only on South Beach's most populated commercial thoroughfare the morning after performing in Vegas, but she was shopping at Guess? Many things have been said about this Lady Gaga phenomenon, you know, that she's a Madonna ripoff  whole is she a he or a she thing, among other things, but most people and her fans are in agreement about one thing: the musical slash fashion enigma would never be shopping in Guess? That said, it didn't stop the clothing store from jumping on the opportunity to promote the unconfirmed sighting, sending out the above picture with the following item:

Spotted – Lady Gaga along with her assistant and five security guards were seen shopping at the GUESS by Marciano Lincoln Road store on Sunday, March 27 at approximately 12:15 pm. The crowd was getting so out of control that security needed to shut down the store so Lady Gaga and her assistant could browse the latest deliveries. After trying on an assortment of dresses and skirts, Lady Gaga purchased the Lucy Lace Skirt before exiting the store.

LucyLaceCircleSkirt Here's the skirt. Says one Gaga insider, the only way this person was born, (sorry, we couldn't resist), was as a born imposter. "Nope..that's not Gaga....that's some tacky ho... plus Gaga would never be at Guess...she just modeled at the Thierry Mugler fashion show in Paris." If there were camera crews there, maybe it was for the Lady Gaga Lifetime movie? Someone should introduce faux Gaga to that faux Rod Stewart who seems to have found his own sort of fame around town. We're pretty sure he's shopped at the Guess? store, too.