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February 24, 2011

The Real World, pre- and post-apocalyptic tv pablum, wants you!


Hate The Real Housewives of Miami and think it makes the city look as interesting and intricate as an instruction manual on how to operate a pencil, the one you wanted to stab yourself in the eyes with when watching Tuesday night's debut ? Blame The Real World, MTV's original reality show that began way back in '92, sparking a cultural phenomenon that some now blame for the decline of modern civilization. They even filmed a season in Miami in '96.

 And while The Real World isn't likely coming back to film here anytime soon  (though the location has yet to be announced)--in a city that spits out out more ratings disasters than hurricanes, can you blame them?--they are coming to tap into the city's, uh, talent pool for the 26th season of their dubiously labeled "longest running reality series on television" (found in The Smithsonian in the form of wreckage from a locomotive disaster), one that will probably outlive Larry King, Cher and cockroaches in post apocalyptic society, with an open casting from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, March 5 at Fado Irish Pub, 900 S. Miami Ave. in Mary Brickell Village. 

So who are they looking for? For one, youth. You have to be between 18 and 24. Then you have to have a personality, something that no plastic surgeon could ever inject into a person, though some of those so-called Housewives are more known for their physical, uh, enhancements than their intellectual ones, of course. "We look for characters from real life; people with strong personalities who are unafraid to speak their minds,” says Jonathan Murray,  The Real World's Executive Producer. If they have one, of course. Luckily for some,as with most reality shows, minds aren't a prerequisite either, so, like, whew. And good luck.