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December 26, 2010

Slow news day: A-Rod's dinner with a hot blond that wasn't Cameron Diaz

Before we jump to any conclusions, let's just state the obvious: besides his best friend Ingrid Casares, Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez does not typically cavort with women who aren't blond--natural or otherwise. So while we may rightfully be able to nickname him Dagwood, the Blondie he was dining with tonight at Michael's Genuine Food & Drink was definitely not Cameron Diaz, but we can't say she was definitely anything more than just a friend. Our spies, however, say something was awry, adding "She was a hot blond and they were very into their conversation." To Dagwood's credit, however, our spy also added that "They weren't touching or acting in any romantic way, just talking mostly." Perhaps it was his ex wife Cynthia, the one he allegedly left for Number One Blond also known as Madonna? Or not. "You think he'd risk it?" asked our spy, "In a city like this? If so, he's not too bright." That's up for debate, but, the point is, 'twas the day after Christmas, a slow news day and, well, A-Rod was with a blond. No news is good news. Or is it?