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November 17, 2010

Electronic music mayhem: WMC vs. Ultra


It's been quiet around here lately, perhaps the calm before the storm, or perhaps due to the fact that Miami residents have been downgraded from being the most attractive in the nation to just okay looking by countless polls. Sure, there've been a handful of athletes, rappers, Zzzzzzzzzzzz-listers and locals flitting around, eager for their five seconds of local fame by showing up at everything from the opening of an envelope to the opening of a toilet lid. But beyond that it's been pretty lame. Until now. Apparently there's major drama brewing between Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Conference. The Hatfields and McCoys set to an electronic beat.

In a letter written by Club Space owner Luis Puig published on tbe excellent nightlife blog Talk Nightlife, it says "Ultra is trying to monopolize WMC by engaging exclusive contracts with all major DJs which will not allow them to perform at your favorite dance clubs." The letter goes on to say "WMC used to be about free parties with DJs and industry folks sharing and enjoying new music. Now it is about greed and money with Ultra and all the clubs fighting over talent, hotels charging 4 times what they are used to and agents and DJs banking on the demand." 

Sound familiar? Unfortunately it does. This seems to be a common affliction when egos are as inflated like a socialite's lips and greed becomes the other white meat.  May the music lovers ultimately be the winners and the sound of  background bickering just be muted out by the throbs and thumps of the music.