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September 17, 2010

Adam Lambert goes all Sean Penn on paparazzo at The Raleigh

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Looking like Jo Ann Worley on a commercial break from Laugh-In, American Idol runner up Adam Lambert made a big stink at The Raleigh after a photog did him a favor and tried to take his picture on the beach behind the hotel. Although the pix may look like a Lambertian mating ritual, the squealer, whose companion had to pull him off the pap, wasn't happy, Tweeting, "Eeew, paparazzi killed my peaceful afternoon on the beach! They're real good at provoking, but there ain't any pics or video of the bs they spew out." Black nail polish a diva doesn't make. Lambert should be thrilled anyone cared enough to take his picture. To his credit, our mole did tell us that "he took such painstaking measures to ensure anonymity." Looking like that, we don't blame him. But he does have a sense of humor, later Tweeting, "Hahha the photos are hilarious!! LOL please everyone forgive me for the hat. I was attempting a disguise--clearly failed." Conveniently failed, he meant.