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July 14, 2010

Odds are, LeBron James will figure out the difference between Miami & South Beach


Not since Pope John Paul II visited Miami back in 1987 has the arrival of anyone--not Madonna, not Lady Gaga, not Shaquille O'Neal, not Queen Elizabeth II, not even President Obama-- sparked such enormous hype, excitement and delusional thinking unbridled optimism, but lo and behold, the basketball player who refers to himself as King James has been crowned as this city's official savior. And if LeBron James can sell those empty condos on Biscayne Boulevard, heck, if he can dig this city out of its real estate slump, which some people are saying he can, then even us non sports fans may sign up as his loyal disciples. In the meantime, it's way too premature to predict that the arrival of the messiah by way of Cleveland can do anything but play a fantastic game of basketball.

And, perhaps, party like royalty. After all, James keeps referring to the fact that he will be playing in South Beach. And while we have no doubt about that, technically, he is playing for the Miami Heat. Us locals weren't the only ones taking note of that not so Freudian slip. Oddsmaker Steve Ricci of SBR Forum also perked up when he heard that and told us exclusively that "He referred to playing in South Beach, not Miami. That tells us he plans on taking advantage of nightlife perks. And when you're a celebrity at night in South Beach, all bets are off. He's a long way from Cleveland. That said, we're still favoring the NO side on both entertainment prop odds---for now."  As for the questions those odds are based on? 

1. Will a woman claim to have had an affair with LeBron James (whose longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson is the mother of James's two children) during the 2010-2011 NBA season?

    Yes +150 (or 3 to 2)

     No -175 (or 4 to 7)

2. Will LeBron James be detained by police in South Beach/Miami during the 2010-2011 NBA season?

    Yes +175 (or 7 to 4)

    No -200 (or 1 to 2)

What do you think?