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May 27, 2010

Estranged couple Luis Fonsi and Adamari Lopez's awkward Miami encounter

Fonsi After a scandalous separation sparked by all sorts of cheating allegations, Latin Grammy-Award winning singer Luis Fonsi and his estranged wife, actress Adamari Lopez had an awkward encounter earlier this week at Mercadito in Midtown, where the two were both spotted celebrating a mutual friend's birthday. According to our source, the whole thing was civil, but the two in the same room only brought up inevitable, uncomfortable comparisons to Sandra Bullock and Jesse James. Says our source "They did exchange some words as you normally would in a group of people, but the group was kind of in and out of the restaurant and Luis didn't exactly sit for a long period of time." Ah, the antsy awkwardness of it all.  Apparently Lopez, in remission from breast cancer, was living in Mexico while she was filming a soap opera and Fonsi was living here in Miami where he may have strayed from the marriage. Says an insider "No one ever expected him to be unfaithful since he’s always been known to adore her."