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April 13, 2010

Scenes from a Miami reality show, only by Bravo

So that fashion show that Cristy Rice battled ex hubby Glen in court so that she could have Bravo film their 11-year-old daughter modeling in it was the stuff Bravo ratings are made of, a comedy of errors that may have the Rice family back in court faster than you can say Jon & Kate Plus 8. The following is our spywitness's play by play account of the scene
at the Biltmore during the Gabriella Arango fashion show portion of the evening starring some of the new Bravo show castmembers, a castoff from Bravo's first failed attempt at a Miami reality show, and a few others ready for their 15 minutes, for better or for worse:

Alexia Echeverria (new Bravo guinea pig), "who was supposed to model in the show, had a car accident on the way there and ended up in the hospital. She did not make it to the show." [Ed. note: we hope she's ok and if so, it may have been a blessing in disguise]

Katrina Campins (ex Bravo guinea pig), "who was modeling in the show, fell flat on her face, actually her knees, on one of her turns down the runway. Remember that Sex and the City episode where Carrie fell on the runway? Just like that. She could not have worn worse shoes--a pair of 6 inch, black patent platforms--with the wedding dress she modeled." [Ed. note: we hope she's ok and hope that she will one day learn to resist the call of the reality show sirens]

Boca Tanning Club Brickell owner Zurami Pascual,  "a walking advertisement for being tanned almost to the point of charbroiled, modeled some provocative dresses, including one that was nothing but a see-through fabric with a few strategically placed rhinestones, leaving very little to the imagination. And, boy, is she proud of her breasts. Men kept cat calling her and she kept blowing kisses at them." [Ed. note: yikes]

In response, Pasucal, who contacted us via email, replied, "Yes the fabric was transparent but if anyone would've taken the time to notice, they would've seen that I was wearing a flesh tone bodysuit. . . The only kisses I blew were at my son . . . No men were 'cat calling,' rather, there was one obnoxious, drunk gentleman who got carried away in general, not just with me and I believe he was escorted out after the show. And I AM proud of my breasts and the rest of my body! I dedicate myself to working out, eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle so I can be around for my son for many years and he can be proud of his mommy. [Ed note: Amen, sister! Did they catch the drunk dude on camera, too?]

Cristy Rice (new Bravo guinea pig) "decided at the last minute she wanted her daughter to model when she found out Gabriella Arango's granddaughter would be modeling, so Gabriella had to make an outfit for her almost the day of." [Ed note:Glen, are you taking notes here?]