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April 09, 2010

Miami socialite battles ex NBA hubby to allow Bravo to film 11-year-old daughter

Christina-glen-rice-tvnovelas-deciembre-2009-450x427 Bravo hasn't even announced a time slot or air date for the tentatively titled Miami Social Club, but already the drama has begun. Celeb attorney Raymond Rafool, who represented Linda Hogan in her own divorce reality, is now repping Christina Rice, ex wife of former Miami Heat player Glen and Bravo's latest Miami guinea pig. Seems that Rafool filed an emergency motion in a Miami Dade courthouse yesterday to allow the estranged couple's 11-year-old daughter Brianna to be filmed for said Bravo show.  Mr. Rice has vehemently rejected the requests of his ex wife to allow the filming of his daughter for a potentially train wrecked reality show and his other minor children on several occasions. This time, however, the court said it was ok (no audio or behind the scenes footage) and cameras will roll when the couple's daughter appears in a fashion show/Haiti benefit honoring Bill Clinton tonight at the Biltmore Hotel. In an interview with FOX News, Rafool said "It is a true shame that Glen Rice puts his dislike and apathy towards his former wife ahead of his daughter's desires and attempts to derail his wife's interests . . . Whenever Glen wants his children with him for one of his MMA fight productions, projects, media events or simply to be with him, Cristy does whatever it takes to accommodate Glen and their children." The former Mrs. Rice also says she wants her ex to pay her attorney fees, court costs and suit money. Forget the fashion show! This is the stuff that Andy Cohen drools over. We're filing a motion to allow cameras in the courtroom.