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March 01, 2010

Strange bedfellows or bad gossip: Tracy Young and Kim Zolciak?

Someone was either really desperate for a story Saturday night at the gala hosted by Roy and Lea Black or stranger things have happened as reports swirl that former Miami DJ Tracy Young and Real Housewives of Atlanta's Elaine Lancaster Doppelganger Kim Zolciak are an item. As in dating. The openly gay Young became friends with Zolciak on Twitter where the two made plans for Young to remix Zolciak's, uh, song "Tardy for the Party." As for the party at the Fontainebleau Saturday, Young was spinning and Zolciak was one of the so-called celebrity guests. Until now, the only rumors swirling around the alleged Atlanta housewife's love life involved a married man named Big Poppa. We contacted Young for comment, but we don't blame her if she just ignores the question. In the meantime, we did speak with a credible source who tells us that when Young was in town for the Super Bowl, Zolciak flew in from Atlanta and stayed with her. "Yes, they are suppsedly sleeping together, but everyone knows that Kim is just using Tracy for many things--among them, remixing that horrible song into something tolerable. Kim is a classic, 'What can you for me?', 'What can I get out of you?' kind of girl. The kind of blond bimbo that gives all other self respecting blond bimbos a bad name."