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February 08, 2010

Snooki's popularity at Miami bash delivers big blow to bawling beau

Thanks to our pals at Hollywoodlife.com, we did not have to personally endure the absurdity that was Snooki's Super Bowl party last night at Finnegan's River in downtown Miami. And though the game, according to our colleague Glenn Garvin, had the biggest audience in TV history, it seems that Snooki may have experienced the biggest audience in her 21-year history. According to Hollywood Life, after watching his girlfriend be mobbed by men, boyfriend Emilio Massella fought with Snooks and then started to cry. "She got up on stage and did her thing, and Emilio was still being a tool, so she told him that he either had to chill out or leave," a source told HL. "And that's when he started to cry. He was blubbering, 'I don't want to fight!'" Either did Snooki when she got punched in the face, so they have that in common at least.