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February 06, 2010

From Tom Arnold to Twilight, DirecTV's beach football game was a mixed bowl

Us Miami folk are used to strange sites, but the one today at the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl was among the strangest as the bold faced and the beautiful battled it out for an afternoon of live TV coverage and whimsy. Being football-illiterate, we won't even go into the game itself and get right into the scene. First to arrive looking all serious and sporty was Twilight's Kellan Lutz, who actually took some time to practice or at least look like he was doing so, throwing a ball with a handler on the sidelines. Focusing completely on that ball, Lutz ignored his on-again, off-again girlfriend AnnaLynne McCord, who was prancing around in a tight-fitting t-shirt and yellow bikini bottom. Yep, her pants were on the ground and her boyfriend didn't even flinch. At some point after realizing she was the only one pant-less, McCord put on a pair of tiny DirecTV short shorts.  Wearing the pants was Jennifer Lopez in white jeans and standing on the sidelines but, to our knowledge, never getting her feet sandy. No Louboutins, either, just sneakers. And then, like a gladiator emerging from the bowels of the Coliseum,  came Lutz's Twilight co-star, the beloved, very carefully manipulated Taylor Lautner,whose spiked head we managed to capture somewhat in the above picture. Again, no inter-Twilight love, though the two did play on the same team. Lautner seemed to be playing a serious game, taking a tumble or two much to the squeals of his bleachers of fans. A highlight for us was when Lautner was inadvertently standing next to teammate, Clean House star/comedian Niecy Nash (!), who was sporting her trademark Lady Day flower in her hair throughout the game. Also looking pretty sporty was Gossip Girl pretty boy Chace Crawford, containing his trademark man bangs underneath a baseball cap. He took the cap off to reveal matted down Miami-ed mangs and quickly put it back on. Good move. Showing up late were off-again, on-again real life Gossip Girl couple Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr. While Westwick wasn't wearing any bowties or ascots, Szohr was rocking her hair extensions. Following the game, the couple hit the Gansevoort South where they got cleaned up and changed and were overheard asking if they could get a room there for the night. No such luck as the hotel was sold out but word is they aren't too pleased with wherever they are staying as it's not directly on the beach. Perhaps that explains why the couple arrived late to the game. Back on the sand, model Marisa Miller won MVP and did impress by smacking down newlywed Tom Arnold, who revealed his new bride wasn't in town and that he hasn't talked to ex-wife Roseanne Barrin 17 years There were some other celebs, Playboy models, lackeys from the Ellen DeGeneres Show flying flags with DeGeneres's face over the stands, and football players including Eli Manning and Mark Sanchez who coached the teams, and Heisman-trophy winner Desmond Howard, who scored a touchdown. Following the game was a concert by All American Rejects and a mass exodus of celebrities off the sand and onto their next contracted gigs and appearances.