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February 06, 2010

Audi Super Bowl soiree delivers big on celebs, shows signs of Twivalry between Twilight stars Kellan Lutz and Taylor Lautner


The Audi Super Bowl party in the penthouse of the W South Beach Saturday was interesting on so many levels. Just when it looked like it was going to be a parade of prostitutes and spare parts, Hilary Swank, of all people, walked in, hand in hand with boyfriend and former agent John Campisi. Not exactly breaking news, especially considering the duo were polite as can be, saddling up to the bar to order some cocktails. But then Swank's ex brother in law Rob Lowe walked in with his two young sons and in 0 to 60, Audi started accelerating. As Swank hung on tight to her man, Lowe exchanged pleasantries with Private Practice star Kate Walsh, telling her he just came from "Joe's Crab," to which Walsh replied, "Ooooh, Joe's!" in regards to Miami Beach landmark Joe's Stone Crab.

And just when you thought the party was stuck in cruise control with cool, calm, collected celebs and Swank and Lowe staying at opposite ends of the penthouse, in walks Twilight heartthrob Kellan Lutz, sporting a shirt, tie and short curly hair. Lutz was also pretty pleasant, surrounded by a man and a woman whose sole purpose, according to our source, was to get "Lutz laid." That said, Lutz's on-again, off-again girlfriend AnnaLynne McCord, was said to be en route to Miami for a Saturday arrival. And because this wasn't a free-for-all mob scene of a party like, say ESPN over at the Fontainebleau, Lutz wasn't mobbed by fans, stalkers or even his fellow celebs. He was just, like, there. So were a few football players marveling at the eye candy.

All was well at this classy celebrity cocktail confab until Twilight's second in command it boy (Rob Pattinson being chief) Taylor Lautner walked in, brushed by us, followed by his own entourage of handlers. Those of us expecting a big Twilight high five were disappointed when, within not even five minutes, Lautner's handlers repositioned their tweeny client towards the door. All of a sudden, Lautner was gone! Just like that! No hand shake, no high five, no hello happened between Lutz and Lautner, and thanks to our keen hearing, now we know why. 

Apparently Lautner's people think their client is so elevated in the celebrity stratosphere, and he may very well be, that they do not want him anywhere near Lutz. So with that, Lautner was gone, Lutz went onto the balcony and in walked Jessica Alba and Lance Bass who, like everyone else, were pleasant enough, but not nearly as titillating as the Twivalry we witnessed a few minutes earlier.  Big props to Audi for delivering on their promises of a delightfully random assemblage of quality celebrities (and unexpected drama and tension) this Super Bowl weekend so desperately needed.