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January 05, 2010

No wonder Jamie Foxx always grabs the microphones

Jamie Foxx grabbing microphones in clubs is as common a site as a Kardashian at the opening of an envelope. But now at least we know the reason for his compulsion. You see, Foxx was at the Viceroy's Club 50 on New Year's Eve with 20 of his closest friends. No biggie, we know. But Foxx does know how to get a party started, encouraging the crowd to dance to the music spun by former model turned DJ Sky Nellor.  He even performed an impromptu, choreographed dance routine with two of his pals. Unfortunately, however, when Foxx asked Nellor to play his songs, she didn't have any. Nada. Not a one. Foxx was so determined to hear his own pre-recorded voice that, according to our snitch, "He was trying to find them online to download--without luck apparently!" Suddenly the mic-napping all makes sense now, doesn't it?