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December 29, 2009

Miami Cookie Diet Doc Sues Kim Kardashian For Cyber Attack Via Twitter

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After shooting off a cease and desist letter to Miami-based Dr. Siegel's Cookie Diet accusing the company of falsely claiming she was endorsing the brand, Kim Kardashian was smacked right back with a lawsuit filed by the doc who claimed that the reality fixture defamed him with a cyber attack via Twitter. The Siegal Medical Group, the practice of Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet, and its creator Dr. Sanford Siegal claim that Kardashian called the diet "unhealthy" and claims she had a "commercial motive"  for the attack because she just so happens to be a spokesperson for a rival weight-loss program, QuickTrim. Her Tweet: "Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet is falsely promoting that I'm on this diet. NOT TRUE! I would never do this unhealthy diet! I do QuickTrim." Of course she does. Can someone remind us one more time why Kardashian is the spokesperson for anything other than vapidity in the first place?