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December 13, 2009

Armani Exchange throws a Warholian dinner at Delano


Kudos to Armani Exchange for throwing what had to be the most motley dinner party we've ever been to, one that Andy Warhol would have highly approved of. Hosted by new Melrose Place star Katie Cassidy, last night's dinner took place on the roof of the hotel's spa and despite the blustery winds, everyone managed to hold it together for the most part despite the very different factions of celebrity at the long communal table. Sitting to our left, a very svelte, very blond Dancing With the Stars alum Kelly Osbourne, fiance Luke Worrall, color (or lack thereof) coordinated in black, and Osbourne's Dutch dance partner, Louis Von Amstel. Across from us, inexplicable lothario Wilmer Valderrama and an entourage of three or four massive wrestler-looking bodyguards whose only real job there was to do Big Gulp-sized shots of tequila with their boss, uh, pal Wilmer, who incidentally was putting the moves on a blonde at least four feet taller than him. In the middle of the table, Alex Rodriguez and pal Ingrid Casares. And at the other end, Cassidy''s co-star Michael Rady and her dad, former Partridge Family pinup David Cassidy. Although we were so tempted to ask Mr. Cassidy to sing a few bars from C'mon Get Happy, we didn't. Speaking of karaoke, Valderrama's posse kept talking about heading over to the Shelborne to sing some duets after dinner. Not sure that ever happened, but what did happen was A-Rod left. With Casares. Followed by an unknown blond woman, at which point everyone looked up from texting on their various devices thinking they were witnessing a scandal. Wishful thinking and not even close. The only thing scandalous at that dinner was the wind blowing up everyone's skirts and Valderamma standing there speechless with a cartoon bubble over his head saying, "Damn wind's stealing my thunder."

293_osbourne_worrell_lc_102709 David-cassidy-and-katie-cassidy-at-9th-annual-family-television-awards