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October 26, 2009

The Daily Mail Makes a Big Stink About Marc Anthony's Profuse Perspiration


We know some Brits don't love the Daily Mail for all sorts of socio-political reasons, but we absolutely adore them for honing in on the real story here: Marc Anthony's sweaty pits stealing wife Jennifer Lopez's limelight at the Dolphins/Saints game yesterday. No, we're not kidding. They wrote an entire story on Anthony's "unsightly sweat patches" complete with pictures to illustrate in case you didn't already get the stomach churning point. Oh yeah, and they also talk about Lola @ LIV, where those who were expecting a live performance of Fresh Out Of The Oven got a video launch instead which some said, shockingly, was also 'the pits.'  Read the DM's exclusive story, 'Jennifer Lopez's husband Marc Anthony works up a real sweat in the Miami heat' here.

Photo: Manny Hernandez Photos

Lola "Live" at LIV