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October 29, 2009

Pamela Anderson will pose for pix at Make-A-Wish-Ball on one condition

Pamela-Anderson Pamela-anderson-loose

Pamela Anderson has agreed to emcee the live auction at the 15th Annual InterContinental Miami Make-A-Wish Ball on Saturday, November 7, but she has one little request for photographers who want to snap her on the red carpet: they must use ring lights or else no pix, no access. You can't blame the girl, really. The picture on top, we believe, was taken with a ring light, whereas the one below was not. According to eHow.com, "Shadows on faces, when photographed, can make facial features look large and distorted . . .Ringlights offer diffused lighting that eliminates unwanted shadows." Hey, it's a lot less of a request than asking people to not wear or eat animal products. For more information on the Make-A-Wish ball, go to www.makeawishball.com.