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October 06, 2009

Miami folk may not be the smartest but they sure are pretty

Finally! Miami ranks high in a poll and it has nothing to do with joblessness, foreclosures, bad drivers, or general doomsday. According to Travel + Leisure’s 2009 America’s Favorite Cities survey, America’s most attractive people are in Miami, Cleveland is the best place for an affordable getaway, Minneapolis/St. Paul ranks No. 1 for intelligent people, and Houston is home to the best airports. Miami also was ranked No. 2 for being stylish and No. 5 for being diverse--New York was number one for those two categories. For those literal naysayers who insist Miami folk are shallow, superficial and soulless, get over it (though the poll did show a decline in Miami's friendliness and intelligence, which they listed as our worst feature). They mean most attractive on the outside