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July 26, 2009

Was it something they said? Miami Social sinks to another ratings low


Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse for Miami Social, we have the official numbers from its second week on air and it's almost as hideous as the show itself. Compared to its debut night which drew a mere 648,000 viewers, last Tuesday's episode averaged an atrocious 491,000 viewers according to our source, Rick Kissell of Variety. That's a loss of 157,000 viewers. So who is watching? Hardly anyone, really. To put it into perspective, Lancaster, Pennyslvania--Amish Country--- has a population of approximately 498,000 and we know for a fact those people aren't watching Miami Social either. In fact, based on the numbers it seems as if people would rather watch an Amish dude whittle a stick for an hour than watch that show. And if the ratings continue to tank, the stick wont be the only thing whittling away.