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July 20, 2009

Real Housewives stars not getting along so swimmingly as usual

Kelly-bensimon-b_0 "Real Housewife" of NYC, Kelly Bensimon made a quickie appearance at the Shay Todd 2010 Swim show at the W South Beach Friday night and the weather wasn't the only thing that was inclement. Bensimon, who dashed inside to save her borrowed $5,000 dress from the deluge, refused to pose for pictures with New Jersey's "Real Housewife," Dina Manzo. Meanwhile, not exactly making a splash on the party scene, Tara Reid, who showed up with a new guy and double fisted cocktails while yapping loudly about how much money she has. At least, unlike Reid, the fashion show wasn't a total washout.

TionPresentedbyNIVEA-ShiroGutzie,ShayTodd,&KellyBensimon  SHAYTODD2010CollectionPresentedbyNIVEA-ShayTodd&TaraReid LlectionPresentedbyNIVEA-DinaManzo,ShayTodd,&ShiroGutzie

Bottom three photos: Seth Browarnik