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July 13, 2009

No bombshell here, but general consensus thus far: Miami so shallow


For those of you who think the the whole Miami Social thing is just a rehash of what and who you already know, don't want to know, never knew, or have absolutely no interest in, you may be right, but the best part about the whole thing is reading other peoples' reviews, from other cities, who may not know that these so-called friends are just regular folk looking to cash in on the reality trainwreck. Rather than watch the show, we may just watch the reviews instead. (Note to Ariel, Hardy, Michael, Katrina, George, etc: don't be surprised if the Wal Mart in Huntington, West Virginia asks y'all over to cut a ribbon on their new Super Store).  Here is an early compilation of reviews that have run around the country on the eve of the show's Bravo debut:

Variety: basically says the show blows. "Seldom has life in the fast lane looked so depressing and boring -- beginning with the "characters" being virtually indistinguishable from each other. They also sit around and argue about matters of great substance, like whether E! reality pin-up Kim Kardashian is "a whore."

TheFrisky.com: agrees with Variety."South Beach was on my list of places to visit until I watched a clip of Bravo’s “Miami Social,” which has turned me off from the tourist destination. "

Herald Dispatch in Huntington, West Virginia(!): Kinda likes it! "Pretty people in a pretty place with a lot of petty drama. How can you possibly resist?"

Dallas Voice: calls it Social-lite, making Dallas look deep. "The profound superficiality of these people (“I want a guy that’s hot inside and out — I really wanna meet someone like me!” Michael humbly proclaims) makes my teeth ache a little. But it’s still too early in the series to tell whether they might eventually grow on me. It could happen; gay guys on TV have a tendency to deepen when you scratch beneath the surface."