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June 21, 2009

Drew Barrymore and that Mac Guy at Delano


Longbarrymorebig We're sure that Drew Barrymore's boyfriend Justin Long, the gooberish guy best known for shilling Macs on TV, didn't come to Miami to experience the incompetence at the Lincoln Road Apple store where we hear some chaos ensued over that new iPhone thingie. Quite the opposite, actually,as Long and Barrymore are apparently just here for some R&R, staying at the Delano and seen leaving the hotel around 7-ish Saturday night, making their way to the Marlins/Yankee game where they were seen sitting in the stands. Following the game, Barrymore--sporting a Florida Marlins jersey--and Long stopped by a pool party for the Humane Society at a house off Lincoln Road. According to our source, "Drew seemed out of it. She was acting all theatrical, while joking around with a bunch of her gay friends." Throughout the night, says our spy, Barrymore and Long were making out in a corner on a lounge chair. Other than the fact that Barrymore may be a not so closet Marlins fan, we're not really sure why they are here, especially considering the fact that Long used to, uh, download with a loose local gal who had a thing for cozying up to celebrities. As for whether Barrymore has a clue about Long's past Miami vices, who knows, but if anyone would have an app for covering up one's sordid past, it would have to be the Mac guy.