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May 03, 2009

Regis and Kelly let it Ripa at the Fontainebleau


Of course Live with Regis and Kelly is taping at the Fontainebleau. Everyone with connections to the hotel is going to be in the live studio audience. As for the rest of the fans who entered some sort of ticket lottery, we guess they will have to tune in from their televisions. But according to a show spokesperson, tickets were aplenty for fans with no connex to Gelman or Reege. We hope you got your tickets. From what we hear, the mega hotel needs all the exposure it can get, so what better way to blast the place into the mainstream than via Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa? All they need now is Oprah and the place is set for life. Anyway, the two hosts arrived at the FB where they were given the official Miami Beach welcome by none other than Mr. Miami Beach, Michael Aller along with John Rolfs, prez and GM of the FB, and Rolando Aedo, Senior VP of marketing and tourism for the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor's Bureau. This marketing push to allure tourists down here is the next best thing to the Super Bowl. "Come on down to sunny Miami. We only have two cases of Swine Flu that we know of. And George Clooney's here too!" Speaking of Clooney, we wonder if he will be on the show this week or if he'll be too tired to appear after several nights in a row of debauchery with Mokai and Quattro owner and avid partier Nicola Siervo.