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May 18, 2009

Kardashians host the opening of their own product for a change!


For all those who have inquired, the troika of Kardashian sisters---Kim, Kourtney and Khloe--will be at The Clevelander on Wednesday night (to be continued into the wee hours at LIV) for the launch party of their new boutique, Dash Miami (815 Washington Ave.), which will sell, according to a press release, "summer essentials and chic beach cover ups." Cover ups! Sort of ironic if you think about it--the most ubiquitous reality dolls out there, some more, uh, visible and prominent than others, hawking garments to hide stuff! Ha! We think we finally figured it all out and love the Kardashian sisters. Genius.

Update: Despite the unfortunate graffiti incident at the store (see above), the party will go on at The Clevelander and we got hold of the following Facebook email, which, according to our Kardashian insiders, is completely not legit. "It must  be from some insane Miami promoter," laughed an official Kardashian mouthpiece. So if you got one of these, don't believe the hype. 

> Subject: Would you like to be on TV - Live recording of Kardashians
> They are doing a small private thing at the Clevelander for 80 
> people tomorrow from 8pm-10pm. its private and a guarantee everyone 
> going will be on tv. Can you guys come by there first before going 
> to LIV as well. really want hot people for this 80 person thing. let 
> me know and I will make sure you and your crew is all set
> Pls Confirm BEST-BEST looking and dressed ppl for me. PLS- it's just 
> that - thats what they are looking for... Not me. Pls adv.
> Need confirmation ASAP. Thanks.