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May 21, 2009

Chris Paciello holding court again

P6a Former South Beach club kid Chris Paciello (not his real name) was in a Los Angeles court last Friday, but it's not what you think. According to website Perezrevenge.com, Paciello was fighting owners of LA restaurant Murano for the payback of a $400,000 loan. What we want to know is where he even got 400 grand in the first place? Anyway, they refused to pay him back, got shady on him, and in a reversal of fortune, sued him, thinking he'd give in and let 'em have it--er, the money, that is.  Rather than taking matters into his own hands as he was once known to do, Paciello did the Kosher thing hired a lawyer. Meanwhile, the website reports that Paciello has been running two pizzerias--one in West Hollywood and the other in Beverly Hills. So far, Sean Penn and Mickey Rourke have eaten there and, as far as we know, the only mobs Paciello runs with these days are those lining up for a slice of his pizza.