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April 30, 2009

Kobe Club has a beef with The NY Times

 NY%20Times%20Logo%202 Kobe_club_miami The New York Times made a boo boo when they reported that the Kobe Club on South Beach was closing for good. Seems like there's a lot of that going on lately, huh? According to China Grill Management's Director of Product Development, Terry Zarikian, Times reporter Florence Fabricant got it all wrong. "I said, 'Kobe Club Miami will temporarily close after [Saturday, May 2], but it will reopen in August when Miami Spice starts and goes through the end of September, and continue to be open after as it's when our season kicks in.'" Apparently Fabricant heard what she wanted to hear, because she wrote that it's closing for good. "When I emailed her asking what happened," Zarikian told us, "She responded, 'Terry, I did not have enough space to add that a reopening is planned.'" Uh, that's an omission almost as huge as the prices at Kobe Club.