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April 27, 2009

Is The Forge, bastion of stalwart Miami Beach, set to close?

Rumors Today was The Forge's 40th birthday and if you ask us, we think it's aged pretty damn well. So did Mayor Matti Bower, who declared today The Forge Day. But if you listen to the murmurs out there, you may have heard that the Miami Beach landmark is closing down. And it is, sort of. But unlike the other news out there today, it's far from doomsday and not, as we originally thought, apocalyptic unless you consider the fact that scores of gold diggers, sugar daddies and playas will be devoid of a humping ground on Wednesday nights for the next six months or so. According to Forge publicist Nick D'Annunzio, the restaurant is indeed closing from today until the end of December when owner Shareef Malnik will introduce an entirely new Forge. Malnik tells us now was the time to renovate. "Everyone is so down these days that this is an opportunity to do something wonderful. We haven't been closed since 1991 when we had a fire and we made some changes then. I want to use this summer as an opportunity to change, to redo everything--new furniture, new layout, new China, new glassware, new uniforms. A new, updated version of The Forge. The whole thing is a rebirth, "Not unlike a renewal of wedding vows when you get married. . .  Like the fine wines in our famous cellar, The Forge only improves with age. Here's to the next 40 years."  And 40 years more of wishing if only those walls could talk!