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March 16, 2009

Pam Anderson: the new face of Patron?

Pamelaanderson We all know Pamela Anderson is a huge animal activist, which is why she was a featured guest at the AARF gala in Fort Lauderdale over the weekend, along with Mr. Spay and Neuter himself, Bob Barker. And while Anderson yukked it up at the gala, making jokes about certain videos and trying to make Barker blush, it was her behavior following the gala that had tongues wagging. Anderson and her posse of three male companions arrived at China Grill in Fort Lauderdale just around closing. After jumping up on the bar in  her gold dress, Anderson proceeded to do straight shots of Patron. "They were drunker than skunks," said our spy witness. Although the manager of the restaurant seemed peeved that he had to keep the restaurant open, those who remained there seemed tickled by Anderson's antics, especially the part when she started jumping all over her dates, pulling them on top of her at a private table. Someone must have forgotten to tell Pammy that she wasn't at Scarlett's and was at a fine dining establishment instead. Next year, the AARF gala can have her headline their official after party---the BAARF.