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March 01, 2009

Big difference between Chris Brown and Reggie Bush, huh?

Chris_brown Reggiebushr Now we're hearing that Khloe Kardashian was not with Chris Brown at the Gansevoort last night, but rather her sissy's boyfriend, Reggie Bush. Who can confuse Brown and Bush? Seriously? Apparently some people did, because a Kardashian insider tells us exclusively that "Khloe was 100 percent with Bush and Young Jeezy, not Chris Brown. " Best part about it is that they actually knew enough to recognize, of all people, Khloe Kardashian and not Reggie Bush. Apparently Bush is in town celebrating his birthday at LIV at the Fontainebleau tonight with pal Lebron James. Kardashian refutes it all on her blog saying Bush's best pal is a Brown lookalike. Whatever the case, it wasn't Brown. And Khloe isn't the only Kardashian involved in erroneous gossip.  Our insider tells us that Page Six reported that Kourtney K's ex fiance Scott Disik went to Vegas to hook up with Kristin Cavallari and that Kourtney was livid. "Funny thing is, Kourt and Scott have been broken up since before New Year's and she couldn't care less." In the meantime, we love how the whole Brown/Rihanna scandal managed to get Kardashianed, a new verb for the insertion of one's self into a story that has nothing whatsoever to do with you. We just hope Brown goes home, like, now.