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December 30, 2008

A Phoenix Family Reunion Of Sorts at LIV last night

05_casey_lgl Brothers in law Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck, brother of Ben and married to Phoenix's sister Summer, were hamming it up last night at LIV, taking the microphone along with pathological mic stealer, Jamie Foxx. We wish we were there to see that sight, as the thought of the, uh, staid, Phoenix and Affleck pulling a Foxx is as odd as the duo actually being related. Best--or worst--of all, was how disheveled Phoenix looked. Like Grizzly Adams. Even Diddy looked scared. Jp20miami20320dec08

Among the others spotted at the night hosted by NYC's Butter: Diddy, A-Rod, Timbaland, Pharrell, Brett Ratner and Molly Simms.