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October 07, 2008

Reality show backlash may hit Miami

BoobtubeIt's no secret that real actors loathe reality television and their so called stars. After the Emmys debacle, hosted by a menage a blah of so called reality show emcees, more than several Hollywood bigshots made it clear that they wanted nothing to do with TV's poor but ratings rich cousin--especially after the Emmys hit a 60-year low in the ratings. Perhaps that explains why Bravo, which, according to Page Six, has about 10 concepts in development, may not ever air Miami Social, whose cameras have been seen following the likes of publicity loving butterflies including locals Ariel Stein, Hardy Hill and Michael Cohen. According to our Bravo bigmouth, "Page Six hit the nail on the head. Don't hold your breath for the Miami show to ever see prime time." After all, who needs to see it on TV when you can see it live, every night?