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August 01, 2008

Brooke Hogan Shacking Up At The Flamingo

Xin_1510032510063072116913So Brooke Hogan moved into The Flamingo last weekend. She has an apartment on the 20th floor of the middle tower. Thing is, her spectacle show on VH1 used to film her living at The Mosaic on 38th and Collins, but we guess it proved to swanky--or too pricey--for her show's allotted budget and it's not like her legally bogged down family's shelling out a dime for it. Then again, the apartment was loaned to her for publicity purposes so we guess she was either kicked out or The Flamingo offered a better deal. We are sure Hogan's "residency" at The Flamingo will do wonders for the building's sales and rentals. Just like when Scarlett Johansson "won" the free apartment there during the Super Bowl.