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June 04, 2008

Hogan's Heroes Not So Much.

1917_bio_homepage_main Overheard at South Florida Boxing today: the instructor asking some random guy where "Brooke" was, to which the guy replied, "She's not going out anywhere, she has so much family drama right now, she's low profile at the moment." Turns out that Brooke was Brooke Hogan and the guy was a roomie on her reality show, which we guess is better than being a cellie in her brother Nick's jail. Speaking of, we hear Nick, who has been heard whining to his mom Linda (who, incidentally, is allegedly dating a 19-year-old) how much he misses going on the boat, to the Sandpearl Resort and in the Escalade to Orlando, is experiencing "unbearable anxiety" in the clink. How does he think his former BFF, John Graziano, is feeling, lying in a coma with permanent brain damage?