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June 04, 2008

Enri-eeek--que Iglesias

Enrique_iglesias_180 So Enrique Iglesias held a press conference today at Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita--which actually sounds like the title of a future hit for the comely singer. 'Twas biz as usual--you know, questions asked about his impending marriage to Anna Kournikova--his answer was "not yet," and plugging his new album---until his BMW managed to cruise over the left foot of photographer Lenny Furman. Wire Image caught it all. And while it wasn't a Britney-caliber trainwreck, Iglesias did feel badly enough to stop and ask Furman if  he was ok. Furman, who tells us he spoke with a lawyer who insisted on him getting his limp left foot checked out  by a doc, said "Enrique was very nice. He kept asking if I was alright--but he left anyway." The photo here is Furman's--the one he took as the car was crushing his foot. What's so funny, Enrique?!