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March 05, 2008

Never Mind Kate and Owen, Snooze. How 'Bout McSteamy and Jennifer Aniston?

Ericdane1 Jenniferaniston_855_18296741_0_0_70 Are Marley & Me costars Jennifer Aniston and a married Eric Dane playing doctor off the set? That's what some are implying, but frankly, we don't buy it. Dane is married to Rebecca Gayheart and happily so, from what we hear. But then again, Brad Pitt was allegedly happily married to Aniston when he filmed Mr. and Mrs. Smith with now life partner Angelina Jolie. We know that Aniston and Dane had a "biz" dinner at Cafe Sambal the Mandarin Oriental Sunday night, joined by co-star Owen Wilson and allegedly Kate Hudson, but according to our Mandarin mole, Hudson was not there.. And we also happen to know Dane and Aniston are staying at separate hotels. You can't blame people for speculating, especially when the last are they or aren't they couple to hit Miami was something like Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian. Let the speculation continue! Only McSteamy and Aniston know the real deal. But let's just pretend it was true for a minute. It wouldn't be so bad, actually, because when Gayheart comes down to kick Aniston's ass, Miami native, producer and Gayheart's ex, Brett Ratner, could swoop in and mend her broken heart! This just in: We kid you not. Ratner is already in town. He was at Mokai last night! Hmm....