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February 04, 2008

Snapple and South Beach to Blame for Sarah Silverman's Behavior

2075341When we reported a few months ago that Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon were filming a special, uh, tribute at the Delano for Silverman's boyfriend Jimmy Kimmel's 40th birthday party, we received a frantic call from an ABC publicist who pleaded with us not to publish it, because it was a surprise for Kimmel. We obliged, but what a surprise it was when the video, titled "I'm F*cking Matt Damon," aired on You Tube and got over 2 million views so far. Even more shocking is that Silverman hints that Snapple may have had something to do with her f*cking Damon. The folks at Snapple feel real bad about their role in the sordid affair and sent the following letter to Kimmel:

Hey Jimmy,

Heard that you found out about Sarah f*cking Matt Damon.  Sorry you had to find out that way and that my sublime flavor blinded you to Sarah's philandering ways.

In an attempt to console you, here's a whole lotta me for you to enjoy. Hopefully it will numb the pain. In fact, if your viewers want to share their girlfriend/boyfriend is f*cking someone else story on air , they can have a case of me too…

Anyway, keep your spirits up. It's not like she was f*cking Ben Affleck or anything. Now that would have been embarrassing.

Diet Snapple